Saturday, July 1, 2017

Equally important fact to think about

Many people live their lives on principles which they inherit from their elders and from society they have lived in. These principles can be from a religion,society or human made. Principles are the core for living a disciplined life and acting is important to fulfils these principles. Heard from someone that principles are one of the main ingredient which makes a human life better than animal.

There are many people who do not bother or get time to think about the purpose of life and what will happen after death. This has become more as a tradition which is being followed by majority of human beings now. Humans are born, first they learn from their homes or places they live in their childhood and then from the surroundings they live their rest of lives. Some people say that they have been unlucky as they have more responsibilities or conditions in their lives which made them act in ways which is not acceptable by any human or society. And others say they are lucky and happy with the life they have. We all are some how forced to make our minds to think in a direction which make us act and live our lives according to some principles which might not be acceptable in all societies.

The number of years we are going to live is not known to any of us. People are perfectly healthy and the next moment news of their death comes. On the other hand, there are people who are ill with deadly disease and the very next day news of their good health comes. In any case, one day all of us will die. And I believe that we need to spare some time, if not possible every day then at least once in a week to research on this very important fact of life.

We are so busy in making our life better by switching jobs, opening new businesses or moving to new places etc. We should also not forget about the life after death. Instead of only living and leading a life with principles that we have learnt from our surroundings, it is wise to keep doing research by reading books of knowledge that are there for many years, discussion with people who claims to have knowledge, by thinking about facts and figures which will keep increasing our knowledge.All this will help us in reaching conclusions which are wise and meaning full.  

Internet is one of the greatest invention of out time but sadly information that we see on Internet is not always authentic and true. So in addition to doing research on, we should also read books of  knowledge that can found in big libraries or book stores.

Yes I know, as I already said we are so busy with our lives these days that we hardly get time to do these things. However, trust me it is not impossible. And don't forget that its is equally important to think about life after death than live here on earth.


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