Monday, November 29, 2010

Mentality of some of our status conscious people

Some people which majority are ladies are very status conscious, my ladies readers, please no offense, its just what I have observed in my life. It is said in words of wisdom that it is good to live a life according to your social status but ignoring some important factors like health, our own impression in front of other people that includes children and other people feelings etc. leads to a society with people who waste most of their brain in doing destructive activities.

People who belong to such a society always say to eat meat, chicken, BBQ, grilled food instead of eating vegetables and lentils. And they say that this should be followed specially when we are in some social gathering like with friends, wedding ceremony or some occasional gathering because they think that people who eat vegetables, lentils are not appropriate to sit with so called high class people. Where in fact vegetables and lentils have same food nutrients as in meat and also keep us away from many dangerous diseases like cancer. Meat and vegetables both are necessary for health and if this is kept in mind, instead of worrying about what other people will think of us, is a very creative step for us and for our society. 

Such people say to drink soft drinks like Pepsi, Cocacola, Marinda, 7up, Sprite and Fanta instead of fresh water. Well dear for your information soft drinks are not at all healthy since they make our stomach weak ,so I would prefer to have fresh juice or water to avoid any stomach problems that I might get eventually.

They talk about wearing expensive clothes, watches, shoes and going out in luxury cars to casual friends or family parties. They say to stand with people of same status. Where in my view how you look from inside matters more than how you are from outside and being nice with everyone regardless of their social status has been the quality of great people.

They say drive car even when your office is on 10 minutes walk from your house. Where walk is a very important part of every day routine to keep us healthy and stay away from many diseases specially heart  diseases. And also driving car is not at all good for our environment where we live and breath every day. Such people never stop being a politician even when they don't even know ABC of politics. Pulling leg of others, back bitting, lying and attitude problem some prominent characteristics of these people.

The list goes on and on and to maintain status wherever we go has became part of our culture. And the result of it is discrimination among people based on wealth, spending too much money just for sake of showing status and dragging some people to inferiority complex etc. I do not see any positive outcome of doing all this so why not we change it starting first from ourselves and then educating close relatives and friends. And I admit that bringing such a change needs very wise decisions and their implementation not only by individuals but also by government.