Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do we know how to drive on roads ?

No sir, we have no idea how to drive on roads!

That would be the answer of any one who will see traffic of any city of our country Pakistan. In my view there are two main reasons for this problem, one is that while driving we do not care and follow traffic rules and regulation and second is our traffic police are not doing their job properly.

When we are driving we do make many small mistakes including not keeping our cars in lane, not following traffic signs, ignoring traffic lights and most common I have seen is that we are always in hurry even when there is no need to be. 
Result of all this is so obvious, if we actually start noticing and acknowledging incidents that are happening every other day around us including; pedestrian deaths after being crushed under a car because of someones reckless driving, drivers along with people in a car died as a result of traffic accidents, drivers fighting with each other which in my view is just like animals behavior on someones minor mistake and innocent animals being killed.
One of the bad habits that new generation has adopted is texting while driving. It deviates one's concentration on road and brings many serious life threatening situations for driver and for other living beings. 

In my view, if we start being patient and adopt give way policy, things can get much better. Giving way when we are supposed too, for example when turning on road, parking, entering roads and driving on a straight road. Not using any gadgets that take our focus away from road and following traffic rules all the time.

So what if our traffic police is not doing their job properly or there is not enough traffic police in our cities. If we start taking only few precautions, believe me, our driving would be a great drive every time and we will feel much more free of aggressive behavior that we start developing by reckless driving. And last but not least, by doing so we are not only saving others from serious injurious but also reducing likelihood of us having an accident.