Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Helping a relative

My father has taken responsibility of an orphan after his father's death last year. His name is Haseeb and he is now 26 years old.

Haseeb belongs to a poor family and he is not educated enough to get any skilled professional job. My father brought him home sometime in November last year and since then he is living at our place. Now he has got a job in a government organization with my father's help. His job is secretary level and pay is just enough to pay his family bills. In addition to this my father followed and did all process to claim money from government that Haseeb's family entitled after his father's death as his father was also a government servant. Since we know his family who is one of those who really need someone to show them how to utilize money in more fruitful way and without proper guidance they could get involved in bad deeds like theft, drugs or gambling easily, my father purchased bond from that money in name of Haseeb's mother so that this money is not wasted. As per my father's advise, he gives some portion of his pay to his family every month. For his food expenses as long as he is living in our place we afford it and don't take any money from him.

This way, now Haseeb is on right track and also doing good for his family. He has also been allocated an apartment in government's apartments where his father used to live but he is bit afraid to move there now as he has never lived alone and also is bit coward.

Now when I go to my father's home on weekends, sometimes I feel uncomfortable and bit reserved. I am unable to do whatever I want to do at home with family in presence of Haseeb. I try to keep an eye on all his activities to share my father's responsibility. It is almost five months since Haseeb moved to our place and with time I have started to realize that it's not an easy thing to actually support and keep someone at our own home for long. We have to sacrifice to do so but as a Muslim its our believe that reward for such deeds is great.

So to come to point what I am trying to say here is that a good deed like this is not that everyone wants to do as it cost some sacrifice; sacrifice of money, self desires or comfort. But if one has strong belief then great self satisfaction is one of rewards among many.