Monday, June 7, 2010

Love for this culture

What makes me stay in Pakistan even when every other day there is bombing somewhere near my place or where my relatives lives, when there are so many problems including people are deprived from basic living necessities including food, land, clothes, electricity and gas because of corruption in our leadership, administration and responsible people, where living expenses is so high that an average job doing person is hardly able to save any money and for some, even it is hard to feed their families and the thing is that when it is very easy for me to go abroad to a very developed country and start living a very comfortable life?

Answer to this is that because my loved ones are here.

I left my father's place ten years ago for higher studies, stayed in Pakistan and then went to Australia in 2004. I lived there for five years and last year came back to Pakistan. During this time I have gone through many ups and downs in my life which have taught me many important lessons that I am sure are going to prove big help in my future life for making better decisions.

I learnt that living a life without loved ones alone is like living no life at all. When we reach a certain age our responsibilities increases and people on whom we rely in our childhood start relying on us or need us as they grew old. And at a certain age you have to take these responsibilities and if you start enjoying them, I think no one feels these responsibilities as a burden on them.

Now, even seeing loved ones faces brings such a satisfaction that you won't believe. This keeps me stick to this country and affects are that I have also started to love the culture, people, work and my city.

I feel that I enjoy more when I am close to my loved ones. I enjoy the food, friends company, my work, relaxing at home and company of children. I used to watch Hollywood movies, English TV series alot but since I have come back to Pakistan, I have started to watch Pakistan TV dramas and loving it.

I think some one has said very right that 'we can make our environment hell or the same environment heaven which depends on how we want it to be'. So for me, no matter if we live a very luxury life or an average life, if we don't have loved ones in our lives which include brothers, sisters, mother and father, we are not living but just trying to pass our time in this world.