Tuesday, April 20, 2010

People full with discrimination and how can we kill this evil

Discrimination exists everywhere where in some places it is clearly visible while in others it is rare but does exists. Notice people that you interact with everyday and count number of times they discriminate against poor, illiterate, weak, woman and on religious and racial background etc. In addition to this, if we start analyzing ourselves we will see that living in an environment with people who are full with discrimination, we have also become victim of this evil and do discriminate every now and then.

Discrimination against servants:

Servants who are illiterate, weak, lack confidence as they have seen being ignored always and anyone can yell at them anytime, are discriminated by almost everyone. 

Only few people who still have feelings treat them with respect as they treat any other human being. Servants are also human beings like us they should be treated with respect, we should know that they also sometimes can get sick like us, they also want to enjoy or atleast live their life as a bachelor and with their family. They also like to laugh and feel bad when someone yell at them alone or in front of other people.

We forget that our servants are also human being, they also get tired and need rest, they also have problems in their life. They also have feelings and want to live life like any other normal human being. In country where there is a trend to keep servants on fixed monthly pay and where servants are given double the work that they should be doing with that much money, there is a very serious need to make people aware that treating servants like this is a crime.

To sort this issue, in my view, this should be made a law or atleast people who have servants should try to fix hours that servants are working on daily or weekly basis and not to give them work more than that. If we need them to do some extra hours work then they should be paid extra amount as well. This will keep them happy and they will also do their work properly. At the same time it will be a step to erase discrimination from our place against servants.
Discrimination against poor:

Poverty can be taken as one of the characteristics of hell. In a culture where a man in power can control anyone's life, most affected person is the poor. Poor people who do not have enough resources to eat and feed their family have no other option then to work directly or indirectly for this man in power and as a result they become victim of this evil.

This makes a certain group of people, who are poor not by their own will but where born like this, completely deprived of basic rights that each and every human being should have in a society.
Poor people have to suffer a lot, when its matter of food, money, illness, kids, education, cloths and in case of any emergency that anyone face in normal life.

If rich people instead of just filling up their banks, buying new cars, spending money on unnecessary things or making property, do think of poor people who are in their family, neighbors or that they meet in their every day life and try to give them food, money or help them in any other way can make a huge difference. 

If rich people atleast start taking poor people as normal human beings and treat them with respect and see them equal to themselves then this can ease poor people life alot. Not only this it will also help in reducing crime like theft or robbery that is normally committed by people who are in desperate need of money.

Discrimination against woman:

Women have less physical strength than men but without them a man is incomplete. Woman can be mother, sister, wife or daughter and all these relations are very important in any body's life.

But when same woman comes to work environment in countries where there are no proper laws to handle discrimination against women or if there are laws passed but are not implemented, they are treated as if they are inferior than men. 

My Message:

All I am trying to say here that discrimination does exists everywhere around us. If we just start thinking about it, its not hard to eliminate or atleast reduce this evil by taking initiative to not to discriminate at all in any manner and where possible educate people around us to do the same as this evil destroy others life and also ours .