Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some facts of life

After a long time I decided to add another post in my blog. during this time I have gone through some real changes in my life. Luckily I am free from some serious issues which were bottleneck to progress in my career and family life. At the end I was able to gather few thoughts that I hope will be agreed upon by all my readers.

Life is started for every child with some beautiful things that are responsible for making his/her life better. My life also started with a loving father,mother,sisters and brother. I am the youngest brother and son so I always got the main attention at home by everyone.I was the one left at home when my elder brother left for higher education. Now it has been about 13 years I left my home and living a life away from family.

If I try to collect all the fruitful things that has happened in my life so far are because of my family. I have realized one thing that people in our family are the only beings who are always with us when there are bad times. They put all there energies and power to make our lives better. No matter whether it is money,power or moral support. We will never find people who are also there for us in bad times no matter how bad it is and will try their best to take us out of trouble no matter how long it takes.

I thank to God and pray for the people who don't have anyone for there support in this world. Life is not at all that easy as we see it in our homes in childhood. It is full of  pain.

 It is our decisions that make our lives better.There is fate for everyone but also freewill is in power of every individual. Taking the right decision and making the right move is something that counts.

It is said by Hitler,which I strongly believe and try to follow. "Think billion times before making a decision but never back off after making decision."

May God help us to make the right decisions and give us the courage to stand on our decisions once we have taken it.