Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unethical people's behavior, behavior of animals

In my view, from perspective of people's thinking, there are two types of people; first are those who just keep pointing at others and never think about their own actions and second type of people are those who not just condemn others bad action but also acknowledge their own mistakes and keep correcting themselves. 

First type of people, who I will call unethical people, are the ones who do not bring a good change but are actually just an addition in creating an environment worse which is just like animal's world. Unethical people never respect each others believes, values and attitude. In world of unethical people, everyone wants to see other in a way that he/she don't want to see himself/herself. They keep noticing very small mistakes of others which might have been done unintentionally, just to discuss it with people to convince that they are better than anyone. 

For example, if we talk about work environment, unethical person will never want his/her colleagues to reach at a higher designation which will reduce this unethical person's control on him/her even if that person deserve to be on that designation. He/She will never want other person to take command and worst of all he/she will keep arguing with other every now and then on small things just to spit out his/her intense dislike for others. This arguing in return does not only disturb these two people but also others who are some how involved with them.

Someone has drawn a very well sketch of two unethical persons normal behavior when they sit together in a gathering. First they will start arguing on very small things with each other, then after a while this arguing will become worse where they will not even hesitate to grab each other and start a fight. In all this, it really depends if there are any ethical persons sitting in that gathering who can cool things down otherwise this can end up with wounds, blood and even death.

Similar scenario can be written when an unethical person is driving car. He/She will yell at other drivers or pedestrians and break traffic laws while ALWAYS hasty driving.
Now will it be wrong if I call this an animal behavior?

Coming to human's ethical behavior which in my view is not at all hard to implement even in unethical people's world. Ethical people don't hate each other, they don't just think about themselves but also others, help other and what they desire for themselves they want same for others. When ethical people sit in a gathering they give smile to others and give message of loving other human beings. They respect others believes, thinking and attitude. They don't make fun of others in their absence and if they are around, they only make jokes that they don't mind at all. They enjoy their life and also want others to enjoy with them. When they learn a good thing like benefits of healthy food, clean water, studying and educating others they also want others to know them.

I don't see this hard at all if we just start practicing ethical people's behavior and see how great the results are.  Make our city, home, office or school a better place to live for ourselves and also for others.

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  1. In our deepest core we are all animals, albeit Animals that have the capacity to rise above such behavior.

    Nice Piece.